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” Bordrox ” Professional Payroll Services

Our firm providing payroll services to you throughout Turkey first determines the best solution to the needs of your enterprise, then ensures that the most suitable system for the benefit of your company is established. We monitor the personal transactions of your employees as well as legal transactions required throughout the entire working period professionally. Our firm providing payroll service issues the monthly SGK statements of all work places of your enterprise, and by assuming full responsibility, we take the existing risks away from you.

Our firm providing payroll services prepares all reports your management may need in the most accurate and timely manner without a problem, and helps your firm in elimination of suffering an extra process in such transactions. We ensure that your firm employs the best way in recruitment and dismissal processes.

Our firm providing payroll outsource provides counsel in the processes of employment and annulment processes giving you professional assistance to reach the best results. We examine your payroll documents, recommend what needs to be done, inform you on your legal rights and thus reduce your costs. Furthermore, by attaching maximum significance to the issue of confidentiality, our firm providing payroll outsource keeps all of your firm data confidential throughout the service period.

Working Permits Of Foreigners

We are providing professional counseling services with regard to the work and residence permit processes of foreigners commissioned in Turkey.

Company Establishment And Liquidation Procedures

To materialize the optimal company type for you determined as a result of mutual negotiations of our experts with you, company establishment stage shall be started having prepared necessary documents.

Counseling Services

In the field of financial counseling, BORDROX provides services in the subjects of financial, audit and management subjects for timely provision of accounting services and related legal procedures for local and foreign companies by reliable and specialized persons.

Labor Health And Safety

It is a priority condition of business life and a joint responsibility for all social parties to form a healthy and reliable working environment. 99% of the work places in Turkey consist of SMEs with under 250 employees, and 84% of employees are employed there.

Personel File And Archive System

As specified in article 75 of the code of labor numbered 4857, – The employer issues a personnel file for each worker he employs.

Leave Process Management

According to article 53 of the Code of Labor numbered 4857, Employers should realize annual legal leave practice. However annual leaves have become a problem in all firms.

Pay Slip Practices

By virtue of article 37 of the Code of Labor numbered 4857, the employer is obliged to notify a pay slip to the worker. It is absolutely necessary that such pay slip involves details and disclosed…

SGK Concession And Exemption Practices

No stamp duty is collected from the papers issued in relation with all kinds of R&D and innovation activities within the framework of such Law.

Payroll Services

Payroll services, in other words, payroll outsource has become a major sector in Turkey and throughout the world. Bordrox payroll services offers quality service to customers with a minimum wage policy. Payroll services should no longer be the business of companies in terms of risk, cost and quality, but rather be accepted as an outsourced service. Thus companies will be able to minimize their risks and reduce their costs. Bordrox payroll outsource has set out targeting quality service for you. Please do not get payroll outsource without first getting our opinion and offer.